How To Prepare Your Hardwood Flooring For Refinishing

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If your home's hardwood flooring has lost its luster, consider refinishing it to bring back its natural beauty. High-quality hardwood flooring is designed to last decades, and you can keep it looking its best by refinishing it yourself or by hiring a professional flooring contractor. 

When your hardwood looks dull, dirty, and even scratched up, you may be tempted to replace it with laminate, porcelain tile or carpeting. You can even consider putting in brand-new hardwood flooring, which can be costly. The good news is that you don't need to go to those extremes, as the wood will be smooth and shiny once again after the refinishing process.

Before hiring a flooring contractor, take the time to interview a few different companies to find the best fit for your needs. Ask for pricing quote before starting the project so that you can stay within budget. Since the hardwood refinishing process may produce strong odors and fine dust, plan it for a day when you and your family can be out of the home.

Here are some ways that you can prepare for the refinishing job before the contractors arrive:

1. Remove everything, including all furniture and rugs, from the room that the professionals will be working in. Get help moving any heavy items, such a couches, beds and wood dressers, to an out-of-the-way location. Clear out the closets as well, as the contractors will need access to the entire hardwood floor surface. 

2. Take any window treatments, including drapery, curtains, and blinds down. If you leave them up during the floor refinishing process, they may get covered in wood dust, which can be difficult to remove and may even stain.

3. Cover any non-removable that you don't want to be covered in dust. Product windowsills, built-in features such as shelving and cabinets, and other decorative elements by covering them with sheets or taping plastic or paper over them.

4. Tape plastic over any room vents to prevent wood dust from traveling throughout your house. You can also hang old sheets or plastic tarps from any openings that don't have doors to keep the dust contained to one room. 

5. Place painters tape over trim to keep the baseboards clean during the sanding and refinishing process if you'd like. 

6. Thoroughly mop the hardwood flooring before the contractors arrive so that they can start out with a clean surface. Remove any stuck-on items, such as chewing gum, with a putty knife if possible. 

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