3 Features To Look For In Quality Floor Drains For Your Commercial Kitchen

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Having a floor drainage system integrated into your commercial kitchen makes cleaning up after every shift easier and helps prevent major problems in the event that some fixture in the kitchen area springs a leak. However, when most commercial business owners have floor drains installed, they never stop to consider the fact that there are several different types of floor drains available. To make sure you get an end design with your floor drainage system that suits your commercial kitchen well, there are certain features you should be looking for in the floor drains that are available, such as:

Look for drains that have a fine mesh strainer inside. 

Commercial kitchens are notorious for having crumbs and tidbits of food on the floor at the end of the day. It is always important to encourage employees to properly sweep up debris instead of pushing it into the drain with the mop water, but a lot of particles can still slip through the drain. If the drain does not have a fine enough strainer inside, these food particles can build up inside of the drain line and cause problems with clogs later on. With a strainer that is composed of fine mesh, even the smallest particles will be captured before they hit the drain line. 

Look for drains that have an integrated baffle to ward off odors. 

You do not want odors seeping up through the drain line that leads to the sewer back into your commercial kitchen for sure. The most simplistic drains have just an open line at the base where water flows through, but there is nothing stopping the odors that can leak back up through the drain. Shop for drains that have an integrated flapper or baffle at the base that automatically opens to allow water through but closes shut to block off odors. 

Look for drains that have replaceable components. 

A lot of the commercial floor drains you come across will be made in one seamless design that does not have separate parts. This may seem ideal when you want durability and cost efficiency, but ideally, you will want drains that have several parts and components. When a drain is made of several different parts, those parts can be replaced later on as needed without having to invest in a whole new floor drain. Therefore, you can save some time and money on making general repairs as the drains get older. 

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