Decorate Your Family Room With A Western Theme

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Are you planning to decorate a family room in a brand new house? Perhaps you are just redecorating your existing family room. Either way, if you have chosen to decorate your family room, you're in for some fun planning and some great shopping. From choosing the furniture to selecting hardwood flooring, here are some ideas that might help you to decorate your western-themed room in a unique way.

The Furniture - 

  • Think of choosing rustic wooden furniture.
  • Select unique items like wooden rocking chairs.
  • Choose heavy shelves for decorative items.
  • Think of using things like old trunks for tables.

When you are shopping for furniture with a western feeling, think of looking for unique pieces in resale shops and at estate sales. You might even find excellent furniture pieces at stores that sell unfinished wooden furniture. If you do that, you can refinish it to look rustic. Don't hesitate to add some scratches and other indentations to make the furniture look like something you'd find in an older western home.

The Fabrics - 

  • Choose durable fabrics that will handle a lot of use.
  • Leather is one good choice.
  • Another idea is to select denim.
  • Heavy sailcloth will last for a very long time.

As you select fabrics, think of combining different colors and textures. For example, if you have chosen leather, think of adding throw pillows of a floral design. Gingham would be good, too. If you choose blue denim for your fabric, think of using red denim for your throw pillows.

The Flooring - 

  • A great choice for a western theme would be hardwood floors.
  • Choose a color of wood that will complement your furniture.
  • If you have selected light wood for your furniture, go with dark wood flooring.
  • Think of using wooden flooring that has been taken from old buildings or trains.

Wood is easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum the wooden floors, using a damp mop when needed. When they need extra care, use products that are designed especially for wooden floors. Another idea is to have an old-fashioned dust mop that picks up things like dog hair, lint and other debris that a broom might miss. 

As you add decorative pieces that will add interest to your western-themed family room, look for things like cowboy posters and old advertisements of things found in an old-fashioned  general store. Another idea is to have your family members dress up in western clothes for pictures that you can place in rustic frames for your family room walls.

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