The Rustic Kitchen: Design Considerations For Your Remodel

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If you're hoping to remodel your kitchen to have rustic but functional country design, there are a few design elements you should consider. The design of your kitchen should be easy to maintain, while still looking beautiful. 


Flooring can make or break a design. If the color is off or if you choose something that's too much of a fad, it'll look dated after the "newness" wears off. Here are some timeless flooring considerations that can match the rustic theme of your kitchen:

  • Hardwood. Hardwood is the go-to for rustic or modern designs. It's all about which style and type of wood you pick. Choose hand scraped hardwood to fit in with your rustic theme, and opt for wood types that have more bold grains and colors, like hickory, pine, or quarter-sawn oak. Color matters too. For a truly timeless look, do not color the wood but allow it to age naturally into a beautiful patina. If you don't like the lightness of natural wood, some people add some grey to wood stain to give an aged look to a rustic design.
  • tile. Avoid tiles with printed designs. Instead, go for an earthier tile cut from natural slate. If these are out of your budget, go for ceramic tile that has a texture like natural stone. 
  • concrete. You might associate concrete with more modern designs, but when stamped and stained the right hue, it can add just the right touch of rustic industrial flair. 


After choosing the right flooring material, move on the picking cabinets. Many people like to choose a farmhouse white, since white cabinets are quite trendy, and this can be a good idea if you are on a budget. Old cabinets can be painted white to go with a bright white farmhouse theme. However, choosing beautiful wood cabinets can never steer you wrong. Choose an expressive wood and a simple door design, like shaker style, to highlight the wood grain. Don't stain the cabinets too dark. If you do paint them instead of stain them, you might distress the finish slightly to let the wood peek through. 


Choosing countertop can be a challenge for a rustic kitchen, because some granite, marble, and quartz can be to glitzy and glamorous for a rustic design. You might go for soapstone, which does not have the shiny finish of other stone countertops. But if you are worried about cost, you might also consider butcher block (great for white cabinets) or concrete. Concrete can again be stained or stamped to look like any type of stone or even wood. 

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