Are You in Charge of New School Room Construction?

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Has your child's private school outgrown the number of students that attend it? Perhaps, the teachers are having to be very creative in the way they use the space they already have, but things are not working out so well. If so, you might be on a committee that is in charge of designing new school rooms, or even just one additional room that will hold more students. If that is the case, here are some ideas—from choosing the school flooring to selecting new furniture—that might help you in your planning.

The Flooring - Obviously, you're probably considering flooring that will withstand the constant wear of lots of multiple students, not only for the near future, but for many years to come. Have you thought of selecting concrete for the material of the new school room(s)? Concrete is affordable and will be easy to care for. In addition, it will last for a very long time. Don't think of concrete as a boring solution; it can actually take on a dramatic look when faux painted. For example, you might want to add some drama to the room by having professionals make the concrete look like the wooden floors that were used in schools in previous centuries. You could also give the room a more sophisticated look by choosing a brick or a tile look for the concrete floor. Of course, wooden flooring or carpet will also be a good choice, especially if you select very durable materials. 

The Furniture - Consider doing something different in the new classroom or classrooms. For example, if the existing classrooms have desks in them, consider selecting large tables where groups of students can be seated, giving them the opportunity to work either individually or in groups.

Think of selecting metal tables and chairs; besides giving the room a contemporary feeling, metal tables and chairs will more than likely be very durable. You could also consider choosing both metal and wood. For example, if you select wooden tables, choose metal chairs or vice versa. One idea is to select unfinished wooden tables and to paint them in bright colors that will complement the wall paint and the flooring that you have selected. For example, if you went with faux painted concrete floors that look like wood, consider painting the unfinished wooden tables a bright red. 

For more ideas, contact local flooring or interior design professionals. 

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