Protect The Wooden Planks That Make Up The Flooring In Your Den

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Cat urine, liquid spills, and sharp objects can stain or scratch the beautiful hardwood flooring that was installed in your den. If you have small children and own a few cats, you may feel inclined to designate the room as one that is off-bounds, which will limit your ability to enjoy the flooring. You can have the best of both worlds and use the room when you would like by knowing how to protect the wooden planks.

Use A Wood Preserver

When the flooring was installed, the contractor and crew may have applied a sealant or finish over the wood that is designed to add shine and protect each board from moisture and staining. If you are uncertain if a preserver was used after the installation, call the contractor so that you can inquire about a protective topcoat.

If the flooring wasn't sealed, then you can add your own preserving agent to the flooring. Just be sure to purchase a preserver that is non-toxic and that does not contain any dyes. Test a small portion of the flooring by applying a few drops of the preserver to the corner of a clean, dry board. This will allow you to see the subtle difference in appearance that the preserver makes so that you are confident about using the product on the entire floor.

Before applying the preserver to the entire floor, remove furnishings, throw rugs, and decorative items that are resting on the floor. Remove your shoes and leave your socks on so that you do not accidentally track mud or loose dirt across the flooring while the preserving agent is being applied. Wait for the preserve to dry before returning furnishings and household items to the den. 

Include Damage Preventative Tips

If your kids want to spend time with you in the den, state that only soft toys will be allowed in the room and that you do not want your loved ones to wear shoes while they are walking across the flooring. Trim your pets' nails so that sharp claws do not make scratch marks in the flooring when your pets are traversing the room.

Lay floor runners over exposed portions of the floor if you are hesitant about allowing your kids and pets in the room without further protecting the flooring. Inspect the flooring regularly. If light marks are found in some of the wooden boards, you can use a floor polishing pad to lightly buff them out. If more extensive damage is noted, leave the repairs up to the flooring crew who you hired to install the hardwood. 

For more information, get in touch with a company that offers residential hardwood flooring services.

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