Why Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles Are A Good Choice When You Want To Install Your Own Flooring

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When your home needs new flooring, but you want to install the floor yourself to save money, that can cut down on your options, especially if you're not very handy. A good solution is peel-and-stick carpet tiles. You can easily install these yourself over a variety of other types of flooring, and the tiles are easy to cut to size. Here's why these could be the perfect flooring for you.

Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Get Home

One problem with flooring is getting it home when you're dealing with heavy stone tiles, rolls of carpet, or sheets of vinyl. Carpet tiles come in boxes that are easy to lift and stack in your trunk so you can get them home without having to pay delivery fees. Once you get them home, you can work out of the boxes without having to spread out a roll of carpet and trim it. You can even install carpet tiles all by yourself since you just have to work with a single tile at a time.

Carpet Tiles Come In Many Styles

You can buy luxury tiles or inexpensive tiles made for indoor and outdoor use. The tiles also come in a variety of colors and designs so you can pick just the right look for your home. You can even buy tiles of different colors and create a checkerboard design if you like. You can cover your floor from wall to wall, or you can just use enough tiles to create a large area rug. You have so many options when you use carpet tiles that they are often a much better choice than traditional carpet or area rugs, especially since the tiles stick to the floor and you don't have to worry about using glue or tacks to keep the carpet from moving around.

Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Install

The best thing about tiles is they are easy to install, especially when you buy the kind that have a peel-and-stick backing. Just press the tiles against each other, and when they're in place, they look just like continuous carpet as long as the pile on each tile runs in the same direction. You can use a sharp utility knife and trim the tiles to fit any room perfectly. Since the backs peel off so you can stick the tiles to the floor, you don't have to worry about strong fumes from glue or other types of adhesives. Even if you opt for high-quality, plush carpet tiles, you'll still save money on your new flooring since you can install it yourself.

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